Flinders Ranges

11th May 2022:

Away from the townships now, heading for the plains and the remote regions of South Australia – we’re into big sky country again, stobie poles to the horizon (telegraph poles made of steel and concrete if you’re not from South Australia) with so many tiny joys on the way:

Stobie poles to the horizon

Local population regarding us as we tourists pass
Our national bird is so elegant as she picks her delicate way across the plains
So many mothers and lambs – all looking healthy, unlike Queensland…
If you don’t have them flying around, the next best thing is to make one.
SA’s history must thank their lack of timber for so many hundreds of stone remains of settlers houses from the past
and at night there’s always a clear view – sunrises and sunsets across the plains are not the only miracle in the sky

12th May, 2022:

Now for the Flinders Ranges(Via Peterborough, Orroroo, Carrieton, Cradock, and Hawker) heading first to Rawnsley Park Station…and ah the staggeringly beautiful silhouettes of the jagged mountains, as the road climbs and curls its way up and between the mountains. 

We start early enough in the day to enjoy the mists
No wonder the Flinkers are so well known and loved
We laugh at our own reactions as we drive – Look at that, no, look at THIS!
Believe it or not, this is the peak of a hill lookout.
We’re getting higher but the mountains still tower
Now we’re up there
Charlie, unimpressed by the views, is now getting excited. “Ah now we’re getting somewhere – can we stop along here Dad?”

A couple of nights at Rawnsley Park Station, together with a surprising meal at a restaurant one wouldn’t be surprised to find in downtown Sydney:

The Woolshed restaurant – a total change from the outback pub meals we’ve become used to…

Now we’re heading for a special treat, meeting friends from home for a couple of days in a remote campsite at Willow Springs Station – with a never-ending fire, good food, much good wine and where the dogs can rove as freely as we can.

Nothing like fixing the ills of the nation over a good glass of red!

So, next we’re off north towards the Birdsville Track, almost the most renowned outback track of them all. what to expect????

Outback man, out of the blue, on the way to the Birdsville Track

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  1. As I write to you the wind whistles outside & the rain is pelting down on the tin roof, Marty said a storm is coming as he came inside. Most unusual – I have forgotten what usual is! After a few sunny warm days, we are expecting snow on Barrington Tops too. I have been busy cleaning after Justin left to holiday up north & Emma & Darcy came for him to say goodbye before he heads off OS for an indefinite time traveling & hopefully working in the UK & Europe. He is 23 in June & is a delight. Toby played soccer all Sunday in Tamworth & is playing for a Newcastle rep team. All our local games have been washed out & even last weekend with glorious sunshine the ground was too muddy in Gresford. My lovely cousin, Howard, & his wife, Hilary, are coming for 3 days this Friday hence the good spring clean! The carpets were cleaned today, the first time ever & they smell & look so good, Dungog has a festival promoting the bike rides etc so we shall go over & have lunch at the Tin Shed – Meg’s Kitchen doesn’t open at the weekend. So glad the election is over & am enjoying the new faces. Let’s hope they curb their spending & we don’t have a recession. Life out there looks good so hope the Birdsville Track is now open & enjoy!


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