15th May, 2022, Parachilna Gorge:

To rejoin the main road north we must travel through the Parachilna Gorge – a small test for our trusty Sprinter, and Charlie is sad to lose his mates from Willow Springs. 

Again the countryside is immensely beautiful, red dirt and blue green trees, with Namatjira colours in the distant mountains and multicoloured desert plants whenever you pause.

Colours of Ozzie nature…
Heading down towards the gorge
There’s always someone who wants to be different
So many stops by the wayside for a cup of coffee prove to be their own delight
Namatjira colours in the distance
Entering the gorge
Mmmmm… will it get worse?
Marvellous trees, if rough going.

After a joyous but jolting morning touring through rocks and sand and water crossings of Parachilna Gorge we reach the busy metropolis of Parachilna, with its charismatic pub.

Busy metropolis of Parachilna
What better a way to end our Flinders experience

16th May, 2022, Leigh Creek:

We’re still headed for the Birdsville Track, so next we reach Leigh Creek, once a coal mining town with a population in the thousands, it now sports just a few hundred people and isn’t even in its original location, having been moved to expand the mine, originally called Copley mine.  Mining operations finished in 2015.  Now there are only around 250 people living in the town.

A couple of pleasant days on our bikes, nothing worth a camera shot though, then on to Marree, where both the Oodnadatta and the Birdsville Track begin.

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