Burra – what a treasure (repaired)

Ted had visited the old copper mining town of Burra on a previous road trip with brother Johnnie and is keen to return. When we arrive, I can see why.  The lack of timber in South Australia meant that the early townships were created from the stone of the earth, still today standing, as good as when they were built.   We get on our bikes and explore the town happily for three days.

Exploring Burra – but they don’t know how to spell Nobbs!

Central square of Burra – cold day for exploring!

In this early mining township, the copper miners single story stone terraces, built in large rectangles with kids playing area in the middle are still there, as well as the mansions, the public buildings, the hotels, all as good as when they were built. These days it’s an agricultural township, the council dominated by out-of-town farmers and all the historical sites seem to be run by volunteers who complain that the farmers aren’t interested in history. We grin and move on – small towns, familiar noises…

Long line of cottages – good as new!

Huge rectangular block of cottages, with children’s playground in the middle

…and here’s ‘our’ hotel:

Where we stay – Built in 1874 adjacent to the Bon Accord coal mine, we stay in the old horse and trap stables and paddock at the rear of the hotel – great atmosphere
Thanks to the lack of timber in South Australia all the old buildings are good as new – here the railways station, long unused
Dozens of small cafes with great personalised food
and for dinner, we get to score the private parlour!

Time to move on – next we’re headed for the Flinders Ranges… should be a slight contrast, and ever closer to the Birdsville Track

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  1. What a fascinating town. In fact, all the places you have sent photos of seem absolutely amazing. They remind me of older parts of South Africa. One town in particular, Barberton, where the gold rush started comes to mind!

    Elaine xx


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