NW Oz: from rusty-modern to untouched-ancient

Newman, a rusty town. The roofs are covered in fine rust, the concrete gutters are rust-coloured instead of the original gray concrete shade, the ‘white’ traffic lines on the bitumen are – yes, rust coloured, and even the cockatoos have rusty feathers. Soon, our solar panels are rust-coloured and – there’s nowhere to stay, becauseContinue reading “NW Oz: from rusty-modern to untouched-ancient”

Back outback and gladly going north

26th May, 2021, to Moorine Rock Hotel: It’s east again now, to avoid the coastal, urbanised, holiday resorts to the north of Perth  – rather back into the glorious outback, red dirt again, the soft blue/gray/greens of saltbush, mulga trees, the occasional eagle.  The vista is broken, though, where colonists prevailed, with vast wheatfields, squareContinue reading “Back outback and gladly going north”

Seaweed, Degustation and Alpacas

Wandering the foreshores in Flinders Bay near Cape Leeuwin is great for pondering, as well as walking the Jack Russell. Take the humble seaweed. Seaweed and other sea plants are a vital resource for oxygenating the planet – up to 50% of the air we breathe comes from them – and in some countries, aContinue reading “Seaweed, Degustation and Alpacas”

Valley of the Giants (trees, trees and more trees) to Cape Leeuwin

The weather is still bleak, but we find ourselves now into giant tree country, whimsically called ‘The Valley of the Giants’, travelling for miles enjoying the rich colours and fertile grazing land, a shock after the sparseness of the desert plains we’ve been on for so long. The majesty of these mighty Tindles (no notContinue reading “Valley of the Giants (trees, trees and more trees) to Cape Leeuwin”

Ceduna to Norseman – the Nullabor

24th April, 2021, Venus Bay to Ceduna: It’s an eventless dry trip through more wheat fields alternating with saltbush desert – can even wheat grow here? Ceduna is a sophisticated relief after the dishevelled shanty town of Venus Bay, even though the sight of the beginnings of the Great Australian Bight were exhilarating.  We’re stillContinue reading “Ceduna to Norseman – the Nullabor”