30th April to 3rd May, Norseman: Charlie is not only happy to roll on grass for the first time in many days, he also meets his twin – not even a Jack Russell. We’re told that Suzy is a Tenterfield Terrier.

Can you guess which is Charlie and which is Suzy?

Norseman is another old gold mining town, with broad streets and still some of the early miners cottages. The story goes when Laurie Sinclair – a pretty desperate prospector – had his horse go lame. Getting off to find the reason.,, he found a large lump of gold stuck in the hoof. The horse’s name was – you guessed it – Norseman.

Broad streets – broad enough to turn your camel train
The only camels left in Norseman today grace a central square (yes, corrugated iron)
Old miners’ cottage – several remain, just as built.
Tailings dump in Norseman

But the saddest thing about Norseman is the tailings dump – in 1992 they finally promised to remove it, but it still dominates the town. The work is “ongoing”. Does this somehow remind you of the Hunter Valley?

We go to the top of a nearby hill to see the vast salt lakes that virtually surround Norseman wherever you look. But it’s time to move on, time to find the coastline again.

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