Valley of the Giants (trees, trees and more trees) to Cape Leeuwin

The weather is still bleak, but we find ourselves now into giant tree country, whimsically called ‘The Valley of the Giants’, travelling for miles enjoying the rich colours and fertile grazing land, a shock after the sparseness of the desert plains we’ve been on for so long.

The red trunks of the Tindle trees are a rich contrast to the desert we’ve been in

The majesty of these mighty Tindles (no not Karri), their height, the vastness of their numbers and the richness of their colours finally has us mesmerised. On an impulse we take a remote gravelled road detour called The Great Forest Trees Drive, gasping a little as we round each corner.

But the pinnacle of the journey (pardon the pun) is the Tree Top Walk through the high crowns of the Tindle forests. As one olive farmer remarked ascerbically (no doubt because he had run out of olives), ‘They’re actually good for nothing except being trees – no good for houses, no good for furniture, no good for firewood – just big trees! Hmph!’

That didn’t stop the tree walk, 70 metres above ground on a metallic pathway that shuddered with your every step, being an exhilarating experience.

Holding on with whitened fingers, but smiling anyway

Meanwhile, one of the much anticipated highlights of our journey is to visit one of the Great Capes of the world, Cape Leeuwin, in the far southwest corner of Australia, which divides the Southern Ocean from the Indian Ocean. So, after many weeks of travel we’ve finally reached sight of the Indian Ocean and the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse itself!

First sight of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse itself
It’s calm today, but the enormous height of walls of this marina for abalone boats tells the story

It’s time to visit the lighthouse – and climb the 186 steps to the top, a privilege for sailor Ted Nobbs, reminding him of his own time in the Southern Ocean.

Made it to the top – after 186 steps it’ll be sore muscles tomorrow!

We find a snug camping place nearby in Flinders Bay, just behind the beach again, so even Charlie is happy!

Blissful freedom for a Jack Russell

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  1. Great photos & commentary!
    Guess you have done a postal vote by now but we met the candidates at Gresford Bolo last night organized by Xannie and the other independent candidate from Scone was very impressive & she and Tracy are giving one another their preferences. The Nats candidate didn’t show sadly. He got hammered at Quirindi we the mines. Not long now until we vote!


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