More Eyre Peninsula – Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay to Venus Bay

 22nd April, 2021 – Port Neill, Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay to Venus Bay:  A great day’s travelling, what an amazing port is Port Lincoln – the biggest set of grain silos suspended above the port, a modern town, a vast harbour (three times bigger than Sydney Harbour they proudly skite).

Pleasant foreshore at Port Lincoln – no photo, but vast wheat silos at the end of this park.

but we’re only having coffee here as we’re off to one of Australia’s famous oyster bays, Coffin Bay, where the restaurant is a chic as any in Sydney and the oysters just as good.

More feasts of oysters in Coffin Bay

Time is of the essence as tonight we taking the recommendation of a fellow traveller – Peterborough and Kimba were unexpected successes after such recommendations, so we’ve been told that Venus Bay is as good as the name.

However, as we approach through salt bush, scrappy desert, then through the falling-down – even abandoned – beach shacks, we begin to wonder. The caravan park that sounded so promising because it was right on the beach is jam-packed. People come here just for the fishing – no pics of this scene. However, there are some bright spots

The pelicans are aggressive and comical – steal the fish while being descaled – see how well-fed they are?

If you removed all sign of human life this would, indeed, deserve the name Venus. Sunrise is a miracle.

Kelp on the beach is from a recent storm

Then we walk to the top of the hill to see our first sight of the Great Australian Bight (we’re just at a back molar) as it faces off the Great Southern Ocean. As we approach the edge of a great cliff we are constantly reminded by signs on the track that people fall to their deaths here. We hang back from the edge, but the sight is staggering anyway. The Southern Ocean lives up to its name, just in the size of the surf. We watch, mesmerised, forgetting the time.

Looking across the beginning of the Great Australian Bight from the top of Venus Bay
but the edges are crumbly and there are memorials to those who have lost their life here. One young man was 17.

While we’re not in love with Venus Bay and are happy to head for Ceduna, the sight of that fantastic coastline was worth the visit.

On to Ceduna then…

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