Hello Kimba, the half way mark

18th-21st April, 2021 Kimba: …such a sweet little town that we stay longer than intended.  It’s full of colour – there are murals on many buildings, a huge one on the giant wheat silos and the school children have even painted their front fence with achievements on every picket and graced the playground with ceramic sculptures. There are two or three art houses in Kimba and every single person is super friendly. Apart from the giant gallah (I already knew a few of those) we find the sign that confirms we are already half way across Australia! We ride our bikes around the town, spend too much money on eating and jewellery (we’re in jade territory) and leave a little sadly – but we’re heading into oyster land, the Eyre Peninsula.

We us our bikes to discover Kimba, with all its marvellous murals – Charlie likes it too
Little Jack Russell and Big Galah – no interest from either, but the coffee is good while the laundry does itself

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