Nothing goes to plan

So great to see Lainie and Terry after a long time, catching up on what our mutual sailing friends are – or are not – doing. We camp beside them for a few days in the CMCA bush camp.

From right, Lainie, Terry and Ted (and of course Charlie)

Charleville is a kooky little town with a Hotel charismatically called the ‘The Corones.’ It also has a penchant for oddball signs

The town of Charleville is charming however, which only makes it worse when it becomes Ted’s turn to crick his back (well, why couldn’t you lift a 25kilo generator with a twist?) – visits to the physio made it possible to get to know the town.

Oh these lovely queenslanders everywhere
Silos painted in nearly every town
…and always a great sunset!

After a week Ted is still walking like an eighty year old, so we’re off to Emerald and spend a week there with a chiropractor. Less said the better

Barcaldine is on our way to North Queensland, and, back half fixed, this is our next stop:

Ted standing straight (finally) in Barcaldine
Don’t say Barcaldine is boring!
Wow they even have a Masonic Lodge – it’s not brick, it’s fake…
Tree of Life shaded the Shearers who went on strike fo better conditions in 1881. When an unknown person poisoned it they made sure it would last forever – like this!

Driving between these remote towns it is getting drier and drier, with more and more ant-hills. They must have had a competition, as hundreds of them are now donning party hats. (no, didn’t get a photo).

We reach Lara Wetlands, a large Artesian pond, four kilometres in circumference, fed by spouting Artesian waters. The waters, full of dead trees, have provided homes for thousands of birds and it has become a drawcard for bird watchers. The pond where the almost boiling water spouts provides a hot spa bath, great for recovering backs. We go there twice a day and can hardly drag ourselves away.

Great spot by the wetlands
Hot pool – almost boiling hot
So cold after the hot pool!
The birds are amazing
The best time of day
But when Ted has to use his head torch to cook the barbecue, I dine with an alien!

We do finally drag ourselves away to another ‘cattle’ station (no cattle, fences fallen down)outside Longreach – the drought has really not gone away here and we camp in a desert – fantastic experience – there’s nothing to stop the wind, so the middle of the night sees us up taking in the awning – just like being on the boat again!

Desert wind is blowing hard
Sunset – almost
Is this Clint?

So now we’re off to Longreach, Windton, Richmond and Hughendon, before making for the Atherton Tableland. We’re a couple of week’s late, but what’s new?

Watch this space – who knows if the plan will happen as planned? None have so far…

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