Into Bogan Territory, then, uh-oh! 13JUL20

At first everything goes well. Driving through these western NSW plains is like passing through a movie set. Trees float on the horizon, grass grows between a long railway track as straight as the sandy red road ahead. Young green cotton fields are both sides, monstrous wheat silos compete with the newer cotton buildings. Gidgee trees splatter the fields untidily and the irrigation channels thread through the fields, showing occasional sun reflections in the distance.

I didn’t realise that there was real Bogan territory in existence, but here we are in the lovely Nyngan, in Bogan Shire – MUST take a photo with the ‘Big Bogan’. Then it’s back through Brewarrina again, this time to get photos of the 40,000-year-old fish farms.

We visit Bourke, settle down in the Mays Bend campsite, overlooking the Darling River -finally, the Darling… so happy to be here.

‘Nance, come and look at the sunset – what a spectacle!’

‘I can’t at the moment’

‘Why not?’

‘I can’t move.’

‘What do you mean you can’t move – you’re going to miss the sunset.’ Ted turns around to look towards where I am stooped beside the van. ‘What the blazes (substituted word) are you doing? Are you looking for something?’

‘I leant over to pick up Charlie and now I can’t get up.’

‘Nance, that’s pretty bad timing – you’re missing the best sunset we’ve ever had.’

So the next morning Google says the nearest chiropractor in the west is in Dubbo, and we’re back on the road again, heading east, just where we didn’t want to go.

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