01JUL20 -Lightening up the Ridge

Kooky, quaint, quirky, funky, outlandish, crazy, offbeat, peculiar, freakish, curious, strange, even quite odd, or just nutty. Yes, we’re at Lighning Ridge.

All the tiny mines and mining camps are here, just like they were in the ‘old days’ (meaning 1987, last time I was here), except for the arrival of non-miners. Yes, those who love an aberrant life, those who wanted to ‘get away from it all’, those who ended up here accidentally and those who just can’t stand whatever we think of as ‘normality’, seem to have lightened up the Ridge and made it what it is today – a charismatic blend of blatant tourism, true idiosyncrasy and Australia’s version of a cartoon depiction of the American ‘Old West’.

Our visit, likewise, is not without a little drama – 7 bindi-eyes in my back tyre mean that half a day is lost getting the tyre repaired. But that isn’t the biggest bike drama. After a half day of all the bad words in the English language, Ted finally succeeds in getting the wheel back on the bike. (Me? Well, I’m a lady of course. Men do bikes)

Then there’s the Spa – out in the middle of a country field – how good it is – 41 degrees when the air outside is freezing!

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