Introducing us

Can you see our van, Blackwattle Roaming?

We think it will be mostly family and friends who see this. We don’t want to send emails, as they may be intrusive when we’re only talking about our travels. By writing this blog, you can choose to read – or not!

However just in case you don’t know us or happened here by accident, we should tell you a little about who we are:

Ted and Nancy met in Sydney way back in 1982. Ted was an architect, with multiple sports/hobbies of flying, sailing and skiing. Nancy has had a mish mash of a career – mother of two kids, school teacher, TV presenter, actor and producer, businesswoman in the fields of aviation, tourism and travel and finally, journalist and writer.

In 2003, Ted and Nancy threw caution to the winds, gave up their careers to become gypsies by sailing around the world on their Peterson 46 yacht, Blackwattle, returning in 2008. After so much fresh air they couldn’t return to the city so ended up discovering Dungog in the Hunter Valley and moved there, acquiring cattle, horses and dogs (Charlie) in the process.

Eleven years later, they decided to be on the move again, returning to a gypsy life, this time on land, driving their newly acquired 4-wheel-drive Sprinter motorhome to wander Australia as they had wandered the world on Blackwattle. Naturally, they call their new mobile home, Blackwattle, after their beloved boat by the same name.

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